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Cannes Interview – Patrick Collister

Patrick Collister sagt: es gibt 7 grundlegende Ideen, auf welchen Werbung immer basiert. Und Patrick Collister weiss wovon er spricht: Er blickt auf eine erfolgreiche Karriere als Executive Creative Director bei Ogilvy London und EHS Brann zurück. Seit 2004 trainiert er Kreative, Berater und Kunden, seit 2007 gibt er das Magazin "Directory" heraus. Die 7 Ideen:

1. The Presenter: Welches Testimonial kann das Produkt oder den Service repräsentieren? Ein Prominenter? Ein Betroffener? Ein Experte? Ein Mensch? Ein Tier? 2. Problem/Solution: Collister sagt: "A problem correctly identified, is a problem solved." 3. The Demonstration: Welche Konsequenzen hat eine Handlung? Positive? Negative? Wie können Konsequenzen gezeigt oder erlebbar gemacht werden? 4. The Analogy: Welche Analogie kann für ein Problem gefunden werden? Welche vergleichbare Geschichte kann erzählt werden? 5. Inversion: Kann man das gewünschte Ziel erreichen, indem man das komplette Gegenteil zeigt oder erzählt? 6. The Slice of Life: Kann eine Geschichte aus dem alltäglichen Leben für ein Produkt erzählt werden? Gibt es einen überraschenden Blickwinkel? 7. Borrowed Interest: Was bewegt die Menschen aktuell? Wo kann man eine Kampagne anknüpfen? Fussball-EM? Olympia? Politik?


Hype5 hat Patrick Collister 5 Fragen zu seinem 7 ideas-Konzept gestellt:

Why did you come up with the „7 Ideas“? I came up with the idea of "The 7 Ideas" when John Cleese told me there are only seven jokes. I wondered if it would be possible to schematise advertising in the same way and discovered almost immediately that I could!

How can someone take advantage of the „7 Ideas“ concept? The way to take advantage of The 7 Ideas is to engage in left-brain thinking to enhance a right-brained response to a brief. It is just a lost but by going through each of the seven one by one, the creative mind is NARROWING the room for manoeuvre. The thing is, the brain likes narrow parameters. As Norman Berry used to tell us, "Give me the freedom of a tight brief." The 7 Ideas makes you tighten the brief.

Why is it important to teach „left brain techniques to rigth-brain-people“? Right-brain people leap to conclusions. You can leap in the wrong direction! The 7 Ideas is a way, not to discipline the creative mind, but to give it pathways to pursue. Obviously, what you want in the end is to be a whole-brained person. As it is, neurologists say even the smartest among us only use 12% of our mental capacity.

What is the advertising trend 2012? Or in other words: Which one of the 7 ideas is this years most widely used idea in Cannes? I don't know for sure yet but I would expect the 3rd of the seven ideas, The Demonstration, to be the most used advertising idea at Cannes - because it usually is. If you can make visible a superior performance, superior delivery, superior response then there is more reason for people to believe your claims.

What is your favourite piece of Work at the Cannes Lions 2012? So far, my favourite piece of work is Integration Day from Saatchi Milan for Coordown Onlus. It's a demonstration –of how people society chooses to marginalise are just as capable of doing anything and everything more 'normal' people can do. As a demonstration of advertising effectiveness, it is the only piece I have seen at the festival so far which got the audience in the Debussy STANDING to applaud it.

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